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August 18, 2011



I'm sorry to hear that you don't see yourself blogging in the near future, but I totally get the 'just one more thing to do' thing. I'll be looking for your pictures on FB, and hope that at some future time you'll feel like sharing your thoughts again.

love, Sharon


So sorry to hear that. I am a regular reader of your posts and find them so informative and entertaining.

But on the other hand, it is no easy job to regularly keep a blog for years. When you start feeling you are doing something out of duty or self-commitment on top of other life and work inducements, it becomes a burden. And this is a strong indicator that it is time for a change.

So, I am sure you are moving on to something more pleasurable for your own satisfaction. No Bother at All !

To borrow your maxim: Blogging is gone, Today is fun, Tomorrow is another one !

Thank you ever so much :)

Cheers !

Joanne C

I'm so glad we'll still be able to see your photos since they are absolutely amazing!

Nathalie K

Totally understand - I've kind of deblogged, myself (haven't posted since April!!!). Will miss your posts, but glad we might still see your trip pictures ... as you are an amazing photographer!

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